C-97 Help Needed.

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Hi All,
Came across this small article courtesy of :-http://www.facebook.com/WarbirdsOfThePacificNorthwest .............:eagerness:

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On Tuesday, June 4, the C-97 “Angel of Deliverance” was returning to Reading, PA from Hagerstown, MD to participate in the annual Mid Atlantic Air Museum World War II Weekend event. At a point 20 miles southwest of Reading, the number two engine suffered a catastrophic internal failure and had to be shut down and feathered. While a routine Three engine landing was made at... Reading, we are now left in need of a replacement engine.

There are a few out there, finding an airworthy replacement may be difficult. We are looking at a cost of around $300,000 dollars. This amount will not only help us obtain a replacement R-4360-59B engine, but a meaningful supply of spare ones and other parts which will secure the airplane’s future for a long time to come. Find out how to help by visiting our website at www.spiritoffreedom.org. You can also donate directly via PayPal to [EMAIL="Airlift48@aol.com"]Airlift48@aol.com[/EMAIL]. The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation is a 501 c 3 tax exempt charitable organization.


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