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This museum closed in 2017 after the death of its founder Syd Beck in 2005, and its artefacts including a number of airframes sold. What happened to them, in particular the Piaggio P.136 VH-BJP which was salvaged by Syd after being damaged on landing and sinking in 1974. It was still in external store at the museum in 2003.
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Don't know what became of them, but when I visited in Summer 2005 the aircraft was still there, as were the famous P-39, a Sundowner fuselage, Vampire, Sea Venom nose, Sycamore, Dakota, Wackett fuselage frame, Tiger Moth fuselage and a complete Sea Venom. Plus lots of bits and pieces. Great place!

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The Wackett and a few other aircraft have since moved on.