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Hi All, Just came across this very sad news via :- . Article below courtesy of:- . [ATTACH=JSON]{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tMaksaiev1947.jpg Views:\t0 Size:\t32.4 KB ID:\t3870340","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"3870340","data-size":"custom","height":"526","title":"Maksaiev1947.jpg","width":"358"}[/ATTACH] Yuri Maksayev, one of the last Russian veterans of the Normandy-Niemen regiment, is no longer. He had notably participated in the liberation of Smolensk, Belarus and Lithuania from the German occupation. Yuri Maksayev died. This hero of the legendary Normandy-Niemen regiment, who was working there as a mechanic, did indeed leave us on August 3rd, announced on social networks the French Embassy in Russia. Born on January 9, 1926, he was 17 years old and joined the military aviation school. Just graduated, he then joined the ranks of the famous unit, symbol of Franco-Soviet cooperation against the Nazi enemy, to operate on engines Yak-3 type aircraft. In the aftermath of the conflict, during which he notably participated in the liberation of Smolensk, Belorussia and Lithuania, Maksayev served as an engineer in the 18th Guard Aviation Regiment, before joining in 1951 civil aviation. As the Embassy pointed out, it has always been very important to contribute to bringing the two countries closer together "by meeting regularly with students from Normandy-Niemen schools and participating in the research carried out by members of associations and Normandy-Niemen museums across Russia ". He had traveled to France in 2015 to take part in the inauguration of the "Normandy-Niemen" space at the Air and Space Museum of Le Bourget, and in 2017 to attend the commemorations of 75 years of the creation of the mythical regiment. Holder of high honors French and Soviet, such as the title of knight of the Legion of Honor, he made his last breath at the age of 93 years. With difficulty learning this sad news, we propose to you to find here the article written in 2015 following the meeting between this hero of the Second World War and the French writing of Russia Beyond. As part of the use of Russia Beyond's content, mention of sources is mandatory. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Normandy Niemen Regiment are the subject in Robert Taylors work ( Russian Roulette ) below. (Picture courtesy of ) RIP Yuri and thank you. Geoff.
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Another hero.

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R I P Thank you .It is nice to see something from another country ,once allied now seem to be on the other side.