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I recently acquired a spade grip p/n AH2040 as used on many British aircraft. Unfortunately it is missing s few pieces. Where can I get the following parts ? Replica or original , it does not matter Looking for : break lever and associated mounting hardware rear brass plate for the firing button copper tubes that run down the assembly from the firing button Thanks
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Downland aviation used to do brake levers and other parts, Spitfire Spares do a special mounting bolt for the lever, but as with all their parts you will pay a premium!
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Go with the Spitfire bits. Far more accurate, even though the button parts are resin.
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We produce spot-on accurate bolts for the spade grips, all 3. The gun button bolt, brake lever bolt and parking brake bolt. We also do the gun buttons and brake levers, they are resin, but in terms of accuracy, you can't get better. Hope that helps.

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That’s the chap I was talking about on the other thread! Very nice buttons.