Beaufighter to Fly!

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To be honest I was expecting someone on here to say "ah yes that one, out of a freighter, that ended up with ............

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The Australian National Aviation Museum at Moorabbin Victoria have a complete Beaufighter Mk 21 and spares and the closed to public Museum at Camden NSW also have a complete Beaufighter Mk 21 and spares , have you thought of approaching them ? There aircraft will never run or fly but the engines may be fit for rebuild , swap some restored for static engines for these?

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Over the years have visited both Museums. When Harold Thomas was alive he was most helpful with our project.

Have crawled all over the Moorabbin aircraft, naturally they want to keep their a/c intact.

Other helpful guys have been Robert at HARS where we recently acquired gun bay doors, the Museum at Darwin where we obtained pattern flying controls and engine cowlings. Like HARS we also obtained a large amount of engine spares from SafeAir who used to overhaul the Bristol Freighter Engines.

Keep the thoughts coming.


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I'm assuming anything in the bushes at Enstone, where I think big lumps of the Bristol Freighter are still in a heap, has long since been either removed or has turned to Daz? 

(unlikely to be helpful, I know, but who knows what ideas might come from stuff)

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Hi All,

 Here's another well outside the box idea, Would any ditched Baeu's be useful ? i.e for sourcing parts that could be patterned or restored if not to corroded ?   I am thinking along the lines of known ditched aircraft with not classed as a war grave, more importantly into surface water in lakes that could possibly hold off corrosion longer than salt water ?


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This avenue has probably already been explored, but there used to be a Hercules (seem to remember it was a wartime type with collector ring) on display at Tangmere. It was a pristine engine on a stand and used to have it's own room near the reception desk. This was probably 15+ years ago and it wasn't there on my last visit about five years ago.