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Posts: 2,117 Featuring: Last Of The Line Dakotas joined the RAF in 1943 and one is still serving. Ken Ellis examines a quartet of veterans. Merlin Versus Griffon Clive Rowley, former OC of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, compares the famous Rolls-Royce Merlin engine with its 'big brother', the Griffon. An Eye For Detail We report from this year's guild of Aviation Artists exhibition in London, a showcase for the best in flight-themed art. Mark Of A Master. Twenty years on from his tragic death in 1999, airshow legend Mark Hanna is remembered by Steve Beebee. And Much More! Pick up your copy now direct from or in WHSmith and leading newsagents. Alternatively, you can download a digital edition here
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Thank you for the fitting and very moving piece on Mark Hanna. Much appreciated.