Bruntingthorpe Cold War Museum

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What can you expect to see by visiting the Bruntingthorpe Cold War Museum ? I understand it is open on Sundays, are all the ground running aircraft accessible, LPG hangar, Buccaneers, etc How many aircraft likely to be covered over if no ground crews are on site, and if crews are working do engine runs take place in the public area. Many thanks for advice and answers. Thinking of a visit this Sunday before the Crosby airshow.
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I have been a couple of times this year on a Sunday. Was able to have an interesting chat with the volunteers working on the new Venom acquisition (and it was great to see the Venom running so soon after arrival). Most of the larger aircraft were parked further up the airfield and possibly out-of-bounds to visitors. Perhaps if I had asked, one of the volunteers might have escorted me up into that area?

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Make sure you enter the places postcode into your GPS as it can be a pig to find ( both of them), (Brunty is the proving grounds) and I have been there several times. The Cosby show has a lot to see, there are trenches laid out around the site with folks in uniforms and tanks etc to see before the main show kicks off, also in the woods, and the aircraft display line, there are even historic farm stuff running and market stalls etc, and thats before the tank battle which is excellent or the flying part of it all. you can easily fill a day. I did link you to some of my photo albums from both places, see