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In this magazine:

This special publication brings you the full story of Hitler's V-Weapons, from the very moment that Allied intelligence first warned of the existence of V1 and V2 right through to the V3 supergun. This is the full story of the development and operational deployment of these devastating weapons.

From the human and social cost, to how these substantial threats were overcome and managed, this 116-page special explores the hidden truth behind Hitler's rockets, flying bombs and superguns.


Weapons of War

The rockets that one day would take man to the Moon had their origins in a means of mass destruction.

Eyes of the Sky

It was through aerial photography that the true nature of the secret German establishment at Peenemünde was finally revealed.

Operation Hydra

With no doubt about the work being undertaken at Peenemünde, Bomber Command was given the task of destroying the site's facilities.

Crossbow Commences

The search was soon on to find the sites from where the rockets and flying bombs would be fired against the UK.

And Much More!


Hitler's V-Weapons Magazine Special is available from Thursday 5th September from WHSmith and all other leading newsagents for just £7.99. Alternatively, pick up your copy NOW with FREE P&P from our online shop.

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The photograph on the right hand contents page top left captioned as troops inspecting a V1 in Paris is wrongly captioned. The photograph clearly shows a Fieseler Fi103R4 Reichenberg. The aileron can be seen on the trailing edge of the wing and the fairing at the rear of the cockpit below the pulse jet can clearly be seen behind the two people who are obviously looking into the cockpit.

Whilst on the subject of Reichenberg's it a great pity that there is no mention of this little known variant of the V1 in the publication. Whilst it was planned that the pilot would bale out after putting the aircraft into a terminal dive this would have been virtually impossible at speeds in excess of 400 mph with a sideways opening canopy that takes two people to lift! The operational use of these aircraft would probably have inflicted "suicide" attacks on the UK by die hard fanatics.

The attached photograph shows the Fieseler Fi103R4 Reichenberg W/nr 6/2080 on display at the Lashenden Air Warfare Museum