Taxiing accident at Le Bourget - Yak3 vs Falcon 900

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At Le Bourget there has been a collision between a Yak-3 and a Dassault Falcon 900. The Yak3 is severely damaged at the wingroot. A photo can be seen at this site:

Fortunately noone was hurt.

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However, no one was hurt--that's the main thing.

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glad all are ok.

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Good to hear all people are OK. Is this the french based Yak3 or one of the 2 german based Yak3's?


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cannot look at that pic for more than 5 secs... shivers all over my back!!!!
The crew there is gonna have lots of headaches :-(
2 hopes:
1) I hope it's the Falcon's fault
2) I hope the Falcon has a good insurance :D
3) in case of ground accident does the insurance work as with the cars? :D


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Nasty, hoping no one was hurt.

Looking at the shadow of the prop on the ground it seems un-bent so the Yak was presumably static and the Falcon ran into it?

Roger Smith.

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The photo of the damaged Yak-3 shows D-FLAK as recently shown in the May 2005 Pilot.

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oof....hope they can fix it.