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....Some shots of the MANY famous folks wandering the ramp at the Corsair Gathering 2 weekends the cockpit are Victoria Vought, granddaughter of Chance Vought and attending with her whole family (I later got a shot of all the Voughts and the Vought in-laws in front of 'Marine's Dream'), and standing by the side of Jeff Clyman's Corsair is the son of Boone Guyton, Vought chief test pilot, a guy by the name of Peter Guyton (left), one helluva nice guy I wound up talking with on several his right is Steve Tesla (could be SCOTT Tesla...I forget)...grandson of Vought test pilot Lyman Bullard, and he was totally overwhelmed by the whole turnout for the Corsairs and the people involved with them, he seemed to enjoy himself very much....and lastly, I finally managed after 17 years of shooting airshows to get myself into the cockpit of Gerry Beck's Corsair...a first for me and a lot of IS a big cockpit and I thought the view would be WORSE than it was, but it seemed reasonable to me...:-) Mark
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