"Airline" TV Series (2005 zombie thread)

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The Connie is with the Science Museum Collection at Wroughton.

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Slightly confused by the comment in brackets? If I start a new thread then someone will say 'why not use the search engine and use the old thread' and then when you do you get that comment. Thankfully I'm not so severe on the forums I run.......:confused:

I'm not meaning to have a real dig as I know how hard it is to moderate and run forums, just the comment seems OTT!

My take on it, is that it depends on the nature of the enquiry.

First stop is to use the search faciilty, in this case the word "Ruskin" should suffice (= oodles of threads about Jack & Co').

If nothing answers the search'ees question ~then~ i recommend a fresh thread.

In this case, this thread can be classed as a Zombie as it's well over 3 years old, and there are certainly more recent threads on this subject that can be updated IMHO

Just my two pence worth........


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For guidance


We rely on your common-sense.

1) Do the search.

2) Does what I am about to post duplicate something already said on a previous thread? If so don't bother to post it.

3) Does what I am about to post resolve an issue raised by the previous thread? If so revive that thread

4) Is what I am about to post in neither of the categories above? If so, start a new thread.


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Indeed chaps I agree about putting Zombie Thread in the title no problem, it was just the other comments seemed a bit unnecessary. It's good to see that the title has now been amended. :)

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It was intended that Connie N7777G, which had lain unused at Dublin since the Spring of 1974, would be refurbished and flown in the second series of Airline. Unfortunately, a technical assessment of the airframe revealed serious corrosion - due no doubt being left outside in a salty air environment (Dublin Airport is only six miles from the sea) had taken its toll.

That, and other issues, meant the second series never got made.