T.H.U.M Flight?

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Do you by any chance have any other photos of either aircraft? I'm thinking from ground level so as to be able to see under the starboard wing.


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There are quite a number of photographs, all similar to this, taken by different photographers from the same elevated position looking down on to concrete squares. Speke.


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What colour are they, dull PR blue?:confused:

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Attached are two photos scanned from my PRXIX bits and bobs. The top photo is of THUM Flight PM631 taken in 1956; the bottom one is of THUM Flight PS853 taken in 1957 (both according to a hand-written caption on the back). Can anyone identify where these were taken? I recall that the box I found them in at a show suggested it might have been Speke airport

Got to be Speke taken off the observation deck - thousands of pictures around of planes there like that. If you really want you could take the same pictures today (with permission from the hotel) just without the Spit in as the apron was listed along with the buildings.


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The experts have spoken... Speke it is. Many thanks for the 'photo reconnaisance...' No other photos, I'm afraid.

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To add my contribution a bit late, that is Speke without a shadow of a doubt!