Meteor VT229

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Does anyone know who now owns and the current location of this Meteor

It was last displayed in the UK at Newark Air Museum prior to going to the states.

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She went to Kermit Weeks / Fantasy of Flight and was last reported as stored.

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Two small traces...but nothing really new:(

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Meteor VT229 / N229VT

Hi All,

I contacted Kermit Weeks' Fantasy of Flight Museum to check on current status of Meteor VT229 / N229VT, and they advised that:

"As of right now the Gloster Meteor is still in storage, it is currently being moved from the storage bays by our restoration shop to across the street to our Ag Barn.
We are currently working on a tour to our new Ag Barn to show off all the aircraft Mr. Weeks has that are not able to displayed in our hangars."