Did Anyone Know my Father? (Michael Twite, former FlyPast Ed)

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My name is Kieron Twite, I am the son of Michael Twite who was formerly the editor of Flypast magazine and one of the unfortunate casualties of a plane crash on board a vickers varsity in the early eighties. I at the time was only 11 and new my father very much as that ( a father ) and not a man. I would love to chat with anyone that perhaps knew him so that I can maybe learn about the man that was my father.

Kindest Regards

Kieron Twite

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Hello Kieron,

I knew your father, but not too well

When he first edited Flypast he invited me to contribute regular Spitfire chit-chat.

I seem to remember there was one edition of a magazine, a try out (pilot) with a different title, prior to Flypast No 1, which initially was bi-monthly.


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I never knew your father, but from what I have read, he was very well regarded. His legacy in FlyPast is a very valuable one, and has been influential in the aviation preservation arena, and I am sure many people would confirm that their interest was fostered by the publication.

The loss your family suffered must have been immeasurable, and I know from first-hand experience the effects of bereavement on a young child. I hope that you can look back over twenty four years, and feel that some order and peace did eventually come back into your lives. As we come to an age to have children of our own, the need to know/understand our parents become more relevant.

As an aside, is the Mike Twite trophy still in circulation? I think FlyPast had a photo of your mother presenting it to the first winner.

Very best wishes with your search.

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I seem to remember there was one edition of a magazine, a try out (pilot)with a different title, prior to Flypast No 1, which initially was bi-monthly.


Classic Aircraft IIRC. I've got a copy of it around somewhere.

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The fore runner to Flypast was Classic Aircraft.

Mike Twite was one of the most respected individuals involved n the promotion of aircraft preservation.

It was avery sad day when he lost his life with the others in the crash of the Varsity.

Mike supported preservations efforts both little and small and was well known to many of us who have been involved since the 1970's when the movement was not as large as it is today.

You should be very proud of your father as he is held in high regard by all those who met him

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Can't top what's already been said- a great man in his field.

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Classic Aircraft IIRC. I've got a copy of it around somewhere.

Yes, it was a WH Smith publication (1980).

I met Mike on a number of occasions (at air shows) and he always had time to talk, even to the likes of me :o -

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Mike Twite

Was browsing FlyPast forums tonight and saw a reference to Mike Twite by his son Keiron. Yes, I recall Mike very well: I contributed to 'Classis Aircraft' and then to Flypast for many years on the topic of aviation archaeology. I recall joining Mike in London where we produced a tape for commercial radio advertising either one magazine or the other. I'm sure I have a copy of the tape somewhere.

We must have spent dozens of hours on the 'phone discussing the content of FlyPast and as a relative amateur I learnt a great deal. Usually his call was a reminder that he hadn't received my contribution on time! It was not unusual for him to accept my copy over the 'phone.

My recollections of Mike were that he was a hugely knowledgable, patient and kind individual and naturally I was very shocked and saddened when I learned that he had been killed.

RIP Mike

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Hi Keiron,

I met you're father serveral times in the early eighties, we used to start our conversations with aeroplens, and usualy ended up talking of his time with Vauxhall. The last time we meet was at Duxford, he was covering the auction of a PR XI Spitfire You're father, my father, Jeffrey Quill and myself talked Spitfires for ages - a lovely day. Only a few weeks later I was devistated to learn of his death.

You're father was a great man, I was very fortunate to know him.

Best wishes,


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A day with your father

I was recently reminded of your request in 2008 for responses from anyone who knew your father Michael Twite. I believe that I met your father back in 1960. What would confirm this is if your mother worked in Technical Publications at British Aircraft Corporation, Weybridge in 1960. If I'm right, I can send you an account of the day I spent with your father and a scanned copy of the magazine article he wrote for the Road & Track magazine, which included an illustration I produced.
Kind Regards,

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Hi Kieron
Only just seen your note. I worked with your dad from 1968-1972 on a book 'Prototype' and as a member of the CAR magazine art staff (my first job after art school). He was hugely helpful and good to work with. Do please get in touch [01580 212 529] if you'd like to chat or meet up. Best regards