"Appeal to 1950 RAF crash families "

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Interesting, and yet sadly ironic that the remains of a missing RAF pilot in the late 1940's still lies with his Tempest aircraft close to a Motorway and not so very far away from the MOD Agency that deals with affairs relating to missing casualties and who are dealing with this Dakota loss. I couldn't help but think how ironic the contrast was with that Tempest crash and a wreck in a remote jungle many many thousands of miles away, and all the trouble so rightly gone to to bring the men home. Meanwhile...back in England.... Anyway, just an observation...

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You've got it absolutely right, man. But these events thousands of miles away, and in WW2, are welcomed by the Govt (of whatever colour). They can trot them out in Parliament in the hope the The Media will be sidetracked into pursuing the issue (and forgetting that UK has just gone bankrupt!). And I thought that only happened in Banana Republics?

Did I miss something? Are we NOT a banana republic after all, then? :)