B type bomb trolley colour ?

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A good few years ago I found a B type bomb trolley which I later passed onto Tony Agar to go with his Mosquito and it was painted in a corn flower  blue . Since then I have acquired two more B types and again one of these had the remains of  corn flower blue paint , another B type that I know of has also the remains of corn flower blue paint.

Is this a pre war or a post war colour scheme?

I also have three WW2 pattern mechanics hanger lamps which I have painted  in corn flower blue as that was colour they were painted any ideas ?.................thanks

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When I joined up (1962) all ground equipment was painted in a light blue, universally known (in the RAF) as "Ground Equipment Blue" as opposed to cars, coaches etc which were MT Blue a darker greyer shade of blue.  So, Post War, but later it was all painted yellow to cut down on accidents. And shortly thereafter painted dark green for camo reasons, as indeed GE had probably been during the war.