Bruntingthorpe pulling the plug on the aviation side.

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It appears to be true, quote


Learning tonight that Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome owners want the aircraft out to boost profits to store cars not only infuriates me but saddens me.

As an aviation enthusiast I created my first ever aviation group after my first Bruntingthorpe visit in 2013 and my love for Cold War jets grew from there and I feel this was a bad decision on the owners.

The UK were once feared, once powerful, we had British quality engineering at its best, let’s name a few, The Avro Vulcan, The Handley-Page Victor, The Lightning and Buccaneer.

Bruntingthorpe is the heart of keeping these unique bits of kit serviced and running. The history lives on.

Now we face the threat of those airframes being scrapped! Disgusting.

Why does profit have to dominate everything these days 😞

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Thats a kick in the teeth, for those who have put time and effort into the fleets,  I believe Buccs do not know what will happen with their jets, whether they can move them, where too and whether they will simply be scrapped.


Museum shut and no fast jet days listed


We regret to inform that our Museum is currently closed to the Public, we do not currently have an estimation as to when it will reopen, please check back to this page for updates. 

A unique jet collection celebrating aeroplane history




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The lose of so many airframes would be a huge waste, the large aircraft in particular. Brunty seemed a refuge where you could run a large jet, such as the Comet. Hope they get a stay of execution. 

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😠  Oh what a waste ,another part of our heritage going.

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Oh dear, another bites the dust, god knows how they will be able to move the aircraft to another venue.

Very sad times ahead

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Sad news indeed, I have no connection to Bruntinghthorpe other than attending a couple of the open days.

Well at least the people who owned the airfield gave the space for these jets to be alive for a few years, affording us the opportunity to step back in time. I do hope that all airframes can be saved.

Another public aviation show bites the dust, symphony to those who have jets stationed there. 

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Attended a couple of airshows at Bruntingthorpe, we took the Harvard up both times must of been 1993 94 time so it was just getting going up there with the big jets. Such a shame with now the public not being able to have access to the museum, it's going to happen more and more.

Good luck to all up there.

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I'm utterly horrified by this. My eldest son and I have been to the last two May events and had a great time. My son is in the Air Cadets and I took him along as part of his education into the aviation world.  He was impressed by what he saw and appreciates a lot more what he has learnt about the Cold War. 

It's a sad day when it's all about maximising profit everywhere. It's the same mentality that makes new build housing estates look like they do with no space etc.

Best I stop there.

P.S. Are we totally sure this is as bad as it is being made out to be. I seem to recall reading that the airfield owner was an aircraft enthusiast himself or have his offspring taken over?


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Being realistic that would see the Victor, Comet, 747, Nimrod, Shackleton, VC10 and Guppy scrapped. They are just not easily/at all to be moved by road. The Buccs', Lightings, and canberra are more likely to be able to be moved with the others, but where?? St Athan seems to be building a good collection but how many more could they take? Crazy thing is there is so much room at Brunty that the aircraft probably only take up 10% of the room. Ok close the runway and park cars on it but don't close the place to aircraft completely.

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Feel sorry for the LPG who put in that massive effort to relocate their QRA shed.


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Being mischievous, I suppose that they could 'take off accidentally' and 'discover' that the nearest place that they can then touch down safely is receptive to the long term storage of big jets! 😏

Being realistic, I suppose this demonstrates that nothing is certain unless you own it - and even then local or central government can put a spanner in your works.

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Shame this appears to be true but as Scampton which was once earmarked to become a flying museum site is about to close in the near future would this be a contender for a new base for the cold war jets? 

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Perhaps worth noting the following information that was posted on the Classic British Jets Collection Facebook page on 07.02.20

"There is a lot of speculation about the future of Bruntingthorpe proving ground. The Classic British Jets Collection Team are extremely thankful for the support we have been given by the Walton family.

At this time we have no information on the future of aviation activities at Bruntingthorpe.

We would like to ask all of our supporters and fans of all the aviation groups/aircraft that call Bruntingthorpe home, to refrain from speculation about the future.

It must be remembered that Bruntingthorpe proving ground is first and foremost a business premises owned by the Walton family.

Once we have information about future of the Classic British Jets Collection we will let you know.

Thank you for your ongoing support

CBJC Team"