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I participated in this thread about 10 years ago so decided to revisit. It was started by L Garey.  My main impression is how badly affected it is by Photobucket's policies (presumably you have to have a paying Photobucket account to view material hosted by them...and I don't have!). Using hosting by 3rd parties was always open to destruction when people decided to remove their content...but it usually looked so good with full width views! I guess you can't blame Key for the risks in 'hot-linking' to 3rd party hosts ,...I thought the previous version of Key relaunched about 15months ago had quite well sorted photo hosting 'in house'.and much better than this new version.Well at least the text  seems to have survived in these old threads

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longshot: yes it really was 10 years ago since I started that thread! Clever of you to have found it again in spite of the difficulties the new thread format imposes to find anything. A shame about the fudged photos. I was especially pleased with the Pakistani Constellation and the lady waving good-bye.


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Had a quick skate through the old thread and, as before, it brought back lots of memories. Thanks, longshot.

One unexpected thing was that, when it came my own posts, there was an EDIT button. So, for some of those posts, I was able to split the continuous text into paragraphs once more.  Hmmm?