Duxford Diary: Thankyou and Goodbye.

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After more than eight years, and five million views, Duxford Diary 2019 will now continue elsewhere.

On behalf of the regular contributors, I would like to say thankyou to everyone who has followed our efforts and who helped make DD so successful, and to the staff and volunteers who have been so very helpful. 




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Well, the you have it, one of the main contributors to the Duxford  Diary series of threads has come forward and indicated that he is moving on, hopefully he will let us know where to.

I would guess tha Key do not realise what they are losing, the four main contributors to the series have given many people great pleasure and probably drawn people to the forum with their photo posts, all that good work seems to have been wasted.


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Well done Key, your response, despite all the mollifying words, has been too little:too late. You’ve finally killed off the goose that laid the golden egg and in the process probably alienated a significant proportion of your readership.

Like a number of others, having been with FlyPast since issue 1, (so nearly 40 years),  I am  now wondering whether to renew my subscription as a way of expressing my feelings about how this whole update has been handled.

Thanks to all the DD contributors, although I have to say that their comprehensive coverage has meant that I don’t visit as much as I used to. 

As before, you can always make your feelings known to the Key Publishing CEO. His e-mail address is freely available on the “About Us” page on the Key Publishing website. I wonder how long before this post is edited.......

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DCW  -Really gutted, yet sadly not surprised that it has come to this. For me, the Forum has been totally, totally ruined by this latest migration to a new platform. I recall similar views around 10 years ago or so, when Forum direction led the likes of Papa Lima and Setter to 'bail out' so to speak. I knew them as nothing more than valued and consistent contributors whom I learnt a great deal from. 

To me, yourself, Duxman and PenPusher are behemoths of this forum and the Duxford Diary part of my online staple diet. Although our paths have not crossed beyond the occasional private message, I have greatly valued the regular posts of goings on at Duxford and will sorely miss the thread on here which documents them. 

Please, please provide details - either on this thread or via PM - of where any further Duxford activity captured by you, will be documented. I would hate to think that this is the last I shall hear of the Duxford Diary.

Kindest regards and warmest thanks,


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New home is UK Airshow Review - Warbird and Classic Jet Photos section. Enjoy😊

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Oh, what a shame. 😓

Many thanks to all those who contributed, both in the photo department, and those posting comments and info that we did not always get elsewhere.



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Yes the Duxford Diary, one of the rapidly diminishing reasons for staying with this Forum. Good times. Off to pastures new.



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Thank you DCW for keeping us informed all these years on the goings on at Duxford, and for your excellent pictures.   I think this, probably more than anything, should indicate to Key that they have unwittingly hit the self destruct button on this forum.

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Sad times. Oh well guess nothing lasts forever.  😁😬

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Many thanks to DCW and the other contributors to the Duxford Diary keeping everyone upto date with all things Duxford. This will be sorely missed!

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Hi All,

 Ditto all the above,  many thanks to all who gave up they're own valuable time and energy in keeping us all up to date with the comings and goings at Dux......👍


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It is perhaps worth noting, Key, that in the 24 hours the Duxford Diary has been established in its new home it has garnered 325 views (as at 0859 hours today).  That's 325 views you've lost.  

Unfortunately your new format does not display the number of views for any thread, and they are probably of equal, possibly greater, importance important than the number of posts.

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Sad that Duxford Diary is moving on to pastures new, but not surprising at all.  

See you on the other side, chaps...! 

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In the 2 hours since my last post at 0902 hours another 121 viewers have visited the site -  that makes it 446.

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How sad an end to what was the best continuing thread on here, yes others were of great interest and to see questions asked and answered sometimes in a matter of minutes was something quite outstanding.

DCW and the rest of the DX contributors did incredible work at keeping us up to speed, I loved seeing Spits Hurricanes etc etc heading north over us here only to appear on the Dx thread and a while later pop up on here, the arrivals of containers with the excitement of what was inside could of only been brought to us by the dedication of those photographers documenting what would otherwise not been brought to public attention for days if not weeks after the event, maybe that is why the DX thread is no more, the mag can bring it to our attention now.

Good luck one and all, I will hopefully follow your postings elsewhere.

Hats off to you 

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Thanks for link DH82EH registered

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To me the sad thing is the Historic Aviation Forum was the one place where worldwide people tended to post. 

By watching this forum there was little need to hunt out or find news as it always seemed to be here first - not unlike the Warbirds Worldwide forum before it's most unfortunate demise.

Now everyone is scattering to various forums, which I think is a true loss to the community as the unique network that evolved over years of sharing information is gone.

To the puppet masters at Key Publishing: There is a saying in North America "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". 

The only thing Key can do to save face is throw this whole new effort into the bin, reinstall the old forum and leave it alone.


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I too have just registered on 'the other side', and having looked around their forums I suspect that will be my first port of call from now on, with this place coming  a very poor second if/when I have time to spare

Sorry Key, you have had plenty of time to sort out the collective dissatisfaction expressed since the revamp, but you appear to have taken the view that things are fine and that users will simply 'lump it' and carry on.


Your CEO hasn't even had the decency to acknowledge my email.


No wonder people appear to be voting with their feet.

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So this is the result of Key's unannounced and unwanted vandalism. OK, it's "their" thread, but it wouldn't exist without its contributors and readers. Duxford Diary was (and still IS in its new site) one of the top contributions (along with several others, such was the wealth of the old Key thread). Now we can't even find our way around it nor can we conveniently access valued old material. It's a real shame, but I would echo several people in asking why you cannot simply reverse your decision and go back to the original format. I thought I would be able to count on replies to my various specific points I have made on several threads, but no, nothing except, "We're working on it". Sad.


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you cannot go back the damage has been done and threads lost photos lost i doubt very much could be recovered. I think transferring the photos was a task to far