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According to the People’s Mosquito Facebook page, Glyn has passed away.


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Hi All,

 A fitting tribute to the man on the P'sM web page, RIP Mr Powell.



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Sad news, but what a legacy to leave behind.  


Blue skies, Glyn.

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Have yet to see the amazing projects he created but look forward to doing so in the future. Blue Skies. 

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I met Glyn on a couple of occasions when he came over to the UK in the early 90's to begin research on his project. He spent many hours at the Mosquito Museum (as it was then), and with Tony Agar, and we also arranged for him to visit the team at Chester who operated RR299 at the time.

I think I can count six Mosquito aircraft that he was involved in the major structural rebuild of, three of which weren't even counted as survivors when the late Stuart Howe published his book on surviving Mosquito aircraft in 1986. Our New Zealand friends may know better than me though! Impressively, most of this happened when he was in his seventies and eighties - retirement certainly didn't slow him down.

Blue skies my friend - you have left us a legacy of which you can be proud.