Halifax Undercarriage

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Hello , 

I am replicating a 1/9 scale Halifax undercarriage and am trying to figure out how the full size worked..   

 Can anyone shed light on what the red arrow rams do , and what the blue arrow lines are for ? 


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There seems to be a lot of information on the internet about the undercarriage, for example:



From a quick perusal it seems to me that the two angled struts are held locked by the ram putting tension in the 'wires' - bit like the way that we can lock our knees. If you stood and locked your knees and then secured a string from your foot to your thigh you would not be able to bend your leg. Try it! :-)

Releasing the ram that is holding the wires in tension would allow the two struts to move and the other rams pull up the undercarriage.

Slightly dodgy arrangement though - losing the pressure in the rams on the ground would make the arrangement buckle easily if you moved the aircraft!

Not a brilliant explanation or necessarily correct, but I suspect it's close!