I know we wont see it in the UK :( shame

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I see the only civilian F4 Phantom is up for sale   https://www.primaryflightcontrol.com/aircraft-listing/id/496?fbclid=IwAR1Or0Yoe1Fr0ITnsisTClCmTDYva6d-ubXg-VRuJvb6WcmrVK1N-RbpmaA



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"World's only privately owned Phantom CAPABLE of flight".

Not the only civil Phantom...after all the Collings Foundation has been flying a F-4 for years.  I'm sure some can...and will..quibble with their Phantom, owned by a foundation as "privately owned", but it isn't military or government owned.

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It isn't capable of flight though, is it! It claims 85% complete, yet the pictures show big holes where things are missing - every panel is held on by one or two screws. Why would you paint it when you are that far out from flight? They want $4m for it, and the engines still need to be overhauled...

I think if you knocked a zero off you might be somewhere near.

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Surely anything is 'capable of flight' - thus the phrase is meaningless. One could make a barn door fly given enough power and money!