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    the above film free on you tube, a propaganda film but a interesting 7-8mins showing the 1938 Hendon flying display, also later into film a reconstruction of the Kiel canal raid with Wellington interiors views. including the front chin turret. Ending with a Luftwaffe night raid with Battles, He 111, biplanes, a airliner (which I can't quite recognise, similar to the DH. Abatros but with one fin and 2engines), and to top it off they get attacked by Spitfires!...  but back in 1939 they were not all enthusiasts.

but if you've got about 30mins, and skip the other content its good...

regards,  jack...

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The airliner looks like an early civil version of the Fw 200 Condor. It does have 4 engines but that's not too clear in the film given the quality and fleeting shot.  Some great footage in there though :)