Miles Magister Colour Scheme

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Looking for any information on the likely colour scheme to be found on a Miles Magister in use as a fighter Squadron hack in early/mid 42. 

I have seen some with the yellow undersides extending half way up the fuselage and others with it just under the cowling and wings.

Thanks in advance!

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I had a similar question for modeling purposes as I wanted to do a model of the first aircraft to land at one of my local airports in July 1942. I came to the conclusion that many aircraft were still in the half and half yellow/ camo but the majourity had been repained to all camoflarge upper surfaces. I guess this was done at majour servicing? There are exceptions and there were even some in all yellow by the end of the war. I have seen a photo of BB666 in hastily applied civil marks and although it is B&W it is probably all yellow.

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I have an electronic copy of "British Aviation Colours of World War Two", which might be of some use. If you drop me a PM with your email address I can send it to you if that helps...

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Is not Peter Amos' monograph on Miles Aircraft likely to be the most probable source of this information?