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Is it possible to change the format so that the test is not cramped up into the middle third? This is very wasteful of space and requires an excessive number of finger pressing to move through the threads. I would also like a slightly darker blue in the headings for each posting. Combining these two effects means that the presentation is disconcertingly bright and off-putting. It seems likely to lead to eye-strain by the users.

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Hi All,
Is it possible to provide for the use of Gifs for members profile pictures rather than static images ? Also an application to allow video playback so we are able to view directly ( Like members could on the old forum ), rather than clicking a link to another site please ?


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I agree about the feint lettering and the eye-strain, we could really do with a darker colour and/or bolder font for the main body of text. I'm under 40 and it's a real strain, anyone with older/dodgier eyes than me must really be struggling.

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I think the new format is fabulous. There's more to read...great features and a first class job. Well done.

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Hi all,

I'm Khalem, the new community manager speaking on behalf of Key. My main role is assistant editor on Air Force's Monthly, Combat Air and Air International. I am also a lead contributor on Key Aero and have taken the lead on the forum.

I have noted your comments and the development team is looking at it, some of which have been noted in other threads on this page.

It is a work in progress, so expect changes for the better in the next few weeks, in line with user comments.

Thanks for logging in with the new site and I look forward to talking more with you.

Kind regards,

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Sorry this format is not great, all squashed into the middle in long columns, all seems disjointed

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Hi Junk Collector, that's been noted by a lot of other members and its being looked at.


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I was never a user of person to person communications within this forum, but right now there does not appear to be any simple way of asking a poster directly. Is ther a plan to sort that?

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Is there going to be a quote function?

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Where is the 'like' button? I would have liked/agreed with just about all of the above comments.

Missing the old format..... :(

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I assume its just me, but how do I find past forum threads?
If I use the "Start your search" box, I seem to get thousands of irrelevant things come up.
Was looking for the Stirling Project update thread. Of course google now is useless, whereas that used to work perfectly for the old forum.

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Yes this new format is rubbish - even a relatively short comment is crammed into a central space that gets about 8 words per line in. Even a relatively short comment will require scrolling down to read - and this forum sometimes produces long technical posts that in this daft format would go on for pages. It is an unworkable format.

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How do you send a PM in this new layout?

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this format may look great on mobile platforms, tables and phone etc. But as a PC user it does not work. As previously mentioned the white background and grey text is not good for those of us with sight difficulties.
Please look again there are many good examples of forum websites that look good and work well.

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How do you search for past forum threads??

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It seems that the designers of this new layout have fallen into the trap of thinking that "change" is a synonym for "improve". It is not. May we please have a return to the type of layout many of us have become used to over the years.

In addition I note that the language of this new forum is shown as "English (United States)". Surely Key Publications is a British company so the language should be our own, original version of English full of correct and fascinating perculiarities.

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I've lost some of my first posts it seems, I can't find the one about my relative's Halifax. Have posts been lost in transit?

I'm not a great fan of the new layout if I'm honest, it has it's merits I'm sure, but it just feels clunky and claustrophobic for want of a better word. Everything's boxed in tightly.

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I have been through quite a few forum 'makeovers' in the 15 years I have been on the internet but I can honestly say that this is the absolute worst layout/'design' that I have ever seen.
I do appreciate that Key continue to give us an aviation forum to read and join in on but most forums that I am active on are actually fairly easy on the eye - this new layout most certainly is not easy on the eye - it is just a jumble of disjointed shapes and colours (it is actually a real mess !).One of the problems on the internet these days is that website designers etc are constantly changing things that do not need changing (if it aint broke - don't fix it).I do understand that forum platforms do get out of date for security etc - but layout changes should be kept to fairly minor 'tweeks'.

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Is this thread also being copied onto other parts of the site as i see alot of names on here i've not noticed on historic before.

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bazv,,,,,,,, My thoughts entirely.

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How do you get straight to the latest posting? Looked at the Elvington Meteor and could not see how to get to the last post without spending ages scrolling through.
I agree with all the previous complaints, too faint, squashed into the middle and not user friendly. As far as the previous version is concerned, if it isn't broken, don't touch it!