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The Private Messaging functionality is being enabled this afternoon for you all to use. The message centre can be found by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT button at the top of the site and then on Private Messages. You will also notice that there if you have new messages their is a notification icon to the left of MY ACCOUNT.

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Messages are displayed in a similar style to WhatsApp messages


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Messages can also be sent directly from a post using the button in the user block:

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Group messages are possible by adding multiple recipients

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Not very private! all my previous messages have disappeared and have been replaced by "news" items. I guess in time these news items will be considered historic.

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I did a test PM to jamesm and it seems to have worked, but how do I read one from him to me?

While he's watching, may I say that I was just replying to a post on another thread and had written half my answere when I went to the previous page to check the date and found that this deleted my new post. Not convenient. And not having post numbers makes it hard to reference them.


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Have all the old private messages been deleted, i.e. the ones prior to the forum change?