A question for museums post Lockdown

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I am on the staff at the Army Flying museum and like many other museums we have asked the public to pre book their visits. The AFM has gone down the route of ‘Morning and Afternoon’ sessions. The unintended result of this is a queue out of the door at 09:50 for the (Official) opening time of 10:00.

Have any other forum members associated with museums noticed similar behaviour? 

BTW if you do turn up at 09:50 we still let you in.

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What ever time you set for opening an event / museum the great British public will always turn up early.

Newark Air Museum has opted not to go down the pre-booking route and is coping quite nicely with steady visitor flows and turnover of visitors across each day.

I have noticed that at least one other museum has already lifted the exclusive need to pre-book to make a visit. 

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Perhaps we have got so used to queueing for supermarkets, DIY ete that just like any rationing queue, we join it to see what we might get?😎