RAF Grottaglie and RAF Pomigliano in Italy 1943-45

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My father Ron Gellatly flew Marauders for 14 Sqd at Grottaglie between June 1943 and June 1944, being promoted to Acting Sqn Ldr in Feb 1944. Later after a short spell as a Command War Room Controller for MACAF he was promoted in Oct 1944 to ASL of the newly formed 29 Sqd based at several bases including Pomoigliano  flying Warwicks and Walruses.

I have limited information on his activities at these bases and would be interested to hear from anyone who can add to it.

I only have his RNZAF files which only outline his total hours on aircraft and postings between squadrons before returning to New Zealand. I do however have several phtographs of his time in North Africa with 113 Sqd and 13 Sqd and at Grottaglie.


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Hi Paul,

I assume you do know there's a photo of your Dad and his crew on the 14 Sqn website (plus the other crews in the Squadron) but here's the link anyway - 


I met Bill Japp briefly on a few occasions back in the 1990s and came across the website while belatedly  trying to find more info on him.