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Does anyone have a history of Avro 504K, D7560? I have emailed the museum but no response.

I have a little information:

Built 1917 this aircraft was originally fitted with a 110hp Le Rhone, it was re-engined in service with a 130hp Clerget, which it retains today.
Presented to the Science Museum in January 1920, the aircraft was restored by Avro in 1954.

Is there any known wartime history, or failing that postwar until 1920?


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If I recall correctly, it spent some time on lone to the Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop where it was displayed with a photo of it stationed at Lopcome Corner Airfield, just a few miles down the road from Wallop.

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Built at Newton Heath Manchester as part of order for 300 504Ks placed in November 1917.

22/3/18 issued to 3 Training Depot Station (TDS), Lopscombe Corner, Salisbury

?/7/18 with Aeroplane Repair Station, Lopscombe Corner, Salisbury for fitting of replacement Clerget engine

?/?/18 returned to service at 3 TDS

8/4/19 retired at 3 Aircraft Salvage Depot, Waddon, Croydon

22/1/20 to IWM, initially recorded as “lent”

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From "Avro Aircraft Since 1908" -

In 1963 several Avro 504Ks survived in the U.K. in military markings. D7560, fitted with the wings of E3104, property of the Science Museum, London, was on permanent exhibition until stored in 1939

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Thanks gentlemen, most appreciated.