There it was, gone....gone

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So this is when the paying starts.
Stump up the cash, or have your screen endlessly bombarded by a blizzard of infuriating adverts.

This has to be the most user-unfriendly forum I have ever seen.

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...bumping this thread into the month of July 2020...

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I admire your perseverance, Stratofreighter. Someone ought to give you a brick wall as a reward for it! 😉

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Stratofreighter can have mine.


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What happened to the thread 'Spotted 2020' ? I only ask out of self interest as I made an entry and the whole thread seems to have vanished - or have I overlooked it? It's odd as the post still exits in my profile. Or do we have another nail in the forum coffin. 

  • SPOTTED 2020

    1 week 4 days ago

    17.00 June 26th at least 15 minutes.   Two Spitfires having a great tail chase knocking holes in the sky with plenty of Merlin in front of the South Downs west of Arundel West Sussex. I/D's anyone?

    And was one, by any chance, a Griffon engined mark?  Wonderful sounds and great sight. Boultbee's hard at work maybe????

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Just had another look to be certain. It is back and in the correct date order too.   Either it's egg on the face of the thread is reinstated!

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Does the new forum have a "Mark Site/Forum As Read" feature? It gets a little tiresome having to click on every thread to "clear" the unread messages, regardless of one's interest in said thread.

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Does the new forum have a "Mark Site/Forum As Read" feature?

I've asked for such a feature for months, soon years I guess but nothing happens!

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Don't hold your breath ... you'll turn a funny blue color.