£250 million contract for AgustaWestland from MOD

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This just popped up in my local news feed:


Does anyone have any further information on the contract? Is this just part of the current Wildcat buy or on top of the already signed contract?

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This article goes into more detail.

Yeovil's biggest employer has secured a new contract with the Ministry of Defence worth a quarter of a billion pounds, the Western Gazette can exclusively reveal.

AgustaWestland, which employs around 3,600 UK workers, has won a £250-million contract to provide the support and training for a new fleet of Army and Navy Lynx Wildcat helicopters over the next five years, according to sources.


This new deal will result in AgustaWestland staff training the military pilots who will use the new helicopters.

The company is also working on a MoD contract to build a new £76-million training centre for the helicopters which will be located at RNAS Yeovilton, alongside Royal Navy and British Army AW159 Lynx Wildcat squadron.

The state-of-the-art facility will incorporate two full mission simulators, a flight training device and cockpit procedures trainer.

Training courses for the Army are due to commence at the centre from January 2013, and for the Navy in the following year.