Manpads shotdown AH-64D in Iraq

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In 2006, an AH-64D or A is equipped with ALQ-144A (V) 3 or ALQ-144A (V) 5 is Manpad (many sources say that the Sa-7) shot down by rebels, so AH-64D truth was Sa-7B (by, it was upgraded in the mid-70s to jam against the classic IR) or Sa-16 (by, it is resistant specifically the ALQ-144 series jamming emitters) what mechanism ALQ-144 to use against IR seeker? I think Sa-7B aka Strela-2M is only a rumor, Sa-7B absolutely no chance that it could pass without being fooled by the ALQ-144 IR counter, I think Sa-16/18 is likely because they are designed to attack all-aspect
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