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Posts: 2,128 Featuring: GORILLA FORCE Lockheed Martin’s Joint Strike Fighter program has had its share of trials and tribulations, but genuine progress is now being made. The US Air Force’s 58th Fighter Squadron ‘Gorillas’ is at the forefront of service introduction of the F-35A Lightning II, as Robert F. Dorr reports, with exclusive photographs by James Haseltine SPECIAL REPORT: F-35 ON TEST The annual report from the DoD’s Director of Operational Test and Evaluation always provides an interesting insight into the world of key US military programs. Jamie Hunter evaluates the F-35 feedback RENEWING BRAZIL’S NAVAL WINGS Cees-Jan van der Ende travels to Brazil and discovers how naval air power has been subject to government-enforced cutbacks. With rich pickings of Skyhawk IIs, Sea Kings and Super Pumas, the skies around Naval Air Station São Pedro da Aldeia are buzzing with activity again PLUS! SWING-WING SURVIVOR Bartosz Bera and Maciej Wolanski celebrate 30 years of Polish Air Force duty by the Su-22 ‘Fitter’, a type that may now be facing imminent retirement INDUSTRY REPORT: C-17: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN The Boeing C-17 experienced a somewhat checkered history in its early years, before emerging as the US Air Force’s go-to intratheater transport. With production now set to end in 2015, Jon Lake looks at the status of the Globemaster III and much more! Combat Aircraft April issue is AVAILABLE NOW from WHSmith and other leading newsagents for just £4.30. Alternativaly, order your copy with FREE P&P* from our online shop or download a digital version here.
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