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Posts: 2,128 FREE Poster - US Reserve Command This high-quality giant poster details the aircraft of the US Reserve Command. The F-35 Lightning II – a Quantum Leap for the RAF Group Captain Harvey Smyth is Station Commander at RAF Marham in Norfolk, but previously spent several years serving on the F-35 Lightning II project. Guy Warner talked to him about what F-35 means for UK forces. Phoenix Rising for JSF Lewis Gaylard considers what the F-35B will bring to the Royal Navy. Panther’s New Claws The French Navy’s Flottille 36F is in the middle of a major upgrade programme with a new variant of the proven Panther helicopter being introduced. Henri-Pierre Grolleau reports from Hyères. Pyrenean Pumas The Escadron d’Hélicoptères (EH) 1/67 ‘Pyrénées’ is the only combat search and rescue squadron in the French Air Force. Jan Kraak joined aircrews on a typical training mission in the Pyrenean Mountains. Force Report - US Reserve Command The US Air Force continues to rely on the full-time reservists of Air Force Reserve Command. Bob Archer describes the organisation. Exercise Report - Eisregen II Pieter Bastiaans details a multi-national airborne exercise in Eastern Germany. and much more! AirForces Monthly April issue is AVAILABLE NOW for just £4.60 from WHSmith and other leading newsagents. Alternatively, order your copy from our online shop or download a digital version here. *Free poster available with printed version only
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