India's Air Chief Marshall, claims JF-17 is a 2nd generation fighter

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India's Air Chief Marshall, claims JF-17 is a 2nd generation fighter India's Chief of Air Staff, Arup Raha, suggests that the JF-17 is a 2nd generation fighter. Developed by Chinese and Pakistani aviation firms, the JF-17 is believed to be a 4th generation fighter comparable to the US F-16. Raha however has dismissed this claims, producing photographic evidence that the JF-17 has existed since 1971. "We have photographic evidence that the JF-17 was used in the 1971 war where it was likely undergoing live tests. Our fighters were unable to destroy the aircraft. Pakistan has kept the aircraft secret since then and only recently returned it to service" Raha believes that the JF-17 was built not with Chinese assistance but with American help via Northrop. "the JF-17 was derived from the American F-5. Pakistan has recently updated their aircraft to modern standards"
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Before Pakistanis get their boxers all tangled & Indian go smug, check the date folks!

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so in other words, pakistan can put up a light fighter in the 70s but India can't in 2014? I can believe that

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Because this is just the type of thread the forum needs right now...... *Faceslap* Well said celebriton

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April Fool?
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It's April 1st fellas...don't let a joke cause a flamewar.