Aero L-39NG - the hot future of legendary Albatros

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One would hope so but the L-39NG is entering into a crowded and increasingly complex market space. I remember the fanfair around the L-139/L-159 launch that was aimed squarely at the L-39 upgrade and replacement market as well as going to toe to toe with the Hawk. I don’t think Aero were particularly helped by the large number of surplus L-39 that cropped up after the end of the Soviet Union at bargain prices! They were in effect competing against themselves!

The shift in the AJT/LIFT market towards supersonic types, the improvements in synthetic training aids and simulators means a number of nations are streamlining their training pipeline and even eliminating certain stages as the syllabus can be covered by less types only makes the market more challenging.

Aero are marketing this against turboprop trainers like the PC-9/21 and the T.6 Texan II which are strongly established in the market. The Texan is particularly problematic as it fits into the US FMS system as does the AT-29.

We shall see I suppose

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IMHO to train future jet pilots on turboprop a/c is counter productive, unless after something like T-6 they are sent to jet LIFT as it's done in the U.S. If students are supposed to go to fighters straight from initial a/c, jet is only viable way to go. I really don't buy that "jet like" performance of modern turboprop, like PC-21. Of course, in real life there are more things determining what to buy and viability and price might not be top of them.

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Czech company Omnipol, coowner of the Aero Vodochody, has announced signing of agreement with Ministry of Defence of Vietnam about purchassing 12 brand new Aero L-39NG and full support and training services during 2023-2024.