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Hello everyone :)

This is my latest video to celebrate the end of the SEM career :

Video not available on Youtube ? click the link for vimeo :


Good flight to all :)

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**** ENORME !!!!!! **** (as always)

Bravo to all of you guys who designed, developped, tested, piloted and maintained this beauty for 42 years ! :very_drunk:

Can you confirm that the in-cockpit footage at 2:31 is at x1 speed ?
The throttle and trim adjustements are very impressive.

Also, I hope they will keep the N°1 in this beautifull 70-80ies paint job, in a shaltered place.
It would be great to maintain at leat one in flyable condition as they are doing with the Alyzé.

I will always remember the engine's roar of visiting sem and cruz at Lann Bihoué Naval base 30 years ago. I was immediatly rushing out to watch them fly over my house...

Farewell to the sem, the little French fighter jet who was gliding in the air like a bath soap in an oil bassin. :cool:

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A truly fighter pilot's plane... even in its modernized version it is

1 big engine
1 tiny cockpit strapped ahead of it
2 wings bolted on the sides of it
1 tail bolted on top if the rear of it

a few electronic thingies in the front part of the cockpit (including the nose)

ah, almost forgot

a pair of big brass balls strapped in the tiny cockpit to ride the thing ;-)

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Nice vid indeed. Merci Angel.