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First I want to understand, how the pilot can withstand the force 9g. in this video, the pilots can only handle up to 4-5g and not more than one minute ....If Dogfight in fact, pilots and planes will fall pilots in the video is not wearing protective gear against g forces or helmets, oxygen masks Also in the combat flight, the pilot's burnout would like? Affecting heart rate, breathing, blood (blood circulation), eyes, reflections, feet and hands or other agencies! Also how can a US-designed aircraft, which can fit in other countries. Eg: F15 is US exports to Japan. But take a look at the rate of accidents F-15 in Japan is quite high The Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) lost ten F-15 aircraft from 1983 to 2011. 20 October 1983 : F-15DJ, 12-8053, of the 202 Hiko-tai, crashed, both crew killed.[5][91] 13 March 1987 : F-15J, 42-8840, of the 204 Hiko-tai, crashed, pilot killed.[91] 29 June 1988 : F-15J, 22-8804, of the 303 Hiko-tai, collided with JASDF F-15J, 22-8808, pilot killed.[91] 29 June 1988 : F-15J, 22-8808, of the 303 Hiko-tai. collided with JASDF F-15J, 22-8804, pilot killed.[91] 2 June 1990 : F-15J, 52-8857, of the 204 Hiko-tai, crashed, pilot killed.[91] 13 December 1991 : F-15DJ, 12-8070, of the 201 Hiko-tai, crashed, pilot injured after low altitude ejection.[91] 27 October 1992 : F-15J, 72-8884, of the 204 Hiko-tai, crashed, pilot ejected but died later.[91] 6 October 1993 : F-15DJ, 82-8064, of the 202 Hiko-tai, crashed, both crew ejected and rescued.[5][91] 6 October 1995 : F-15J, 72-8891, of the 303 Hiko-tai, burned up after failed takeoff.[91] 22 November 1995 : F-15J, 02-8919, of the 308 Hiko-tai, Komatsu AFB, JASDF, during air-intercept training over the Sea of Japan, flown by Lt. Tatsumi Higuchi was shot down by an AIM-9L Sidewinder missile accidentally fired by his wingman. The pilot ejected safely.[5][91] During a training flight the F-15J crashed in the East China Sea about 180 kilometres (110 miles) northwest of Naha city on Okinawa island. The aircraft's speed brake and part of a wing were found about an hour later. The pilot was not found and is presumed dead. Pilot named as Major Yuji Kawakubo, aged 37. Then Japan began producing F-15J 100% by Mitsubishi-The accident occurred barely. I think in the example F-15J, the only American to optimize aircraft, to use the American pilots, the pilots in other countries are very difficult to control the aircraft efficiency. Biology of the Japanese and the US are different. Eg: exercises flight at 2-4g maneuverability, but the Americans could maintain high turn rate than the Japanese, I read somewhere said that only the Russian pilots performing COBRA, Indian pilots is not possible, although Su-30MKI is also equipped with TVC. Another example is the J-11, Su-27SK by Chinese producers, it does not have one accident, perhaps the Chinese have optimized it matches the physical and biological properties of the Chinese F-15K/SG/SA for the Korean, Saudi and Singapore are exports F-15E, so they does not need to perform multiple exercises Dogfight / WVR (F-15J = F-15C)
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