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FSA uses drone to bomb SAA

in what I'm guessing is a first, the FSA used a small quadcopter to drop a small bomb on the SAA
while it didn't seem to actually hit anyone, it did hit at least one vehicle
and this reminds me a lot of how in WWI pilots would evolve from recon to throwing hand grenades
in the same way easily available cheap drones are being used by everyone in Syria for recon purposes
will bomber drones be next?

also interesting is that this gives the FSA, a force with zero air power and facing some of the most advanced (Russian) air defences in the world a way to attack from the air
a curious evolution considering the USAF for example has always argued that its UAV's could not operate in contested air space because they'd risk getting shot down by fighters
yet this suggests the opposite, as these small, cheap and low flying drones are extremely hard to shoot down from the air or from the ground (as the Israeli's found out recently as they failed repeatedly to shoot down a UAV crossing the Syrian border)

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