Rafale 2018 Thread: Europe's best Eurocanard

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I doubt that RB001 will have to be involved in any test flight. The training schedule already involves two flight on average per day. Not much time left to even download any "data".
RB-008, which was the first IAF Rafale to fly, is the designated test aircraft. Will remain in France till the tests for India Specific Enhancements are all completed and then be the last Rafale to be handed over to the IAF.

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i'm aware of that spud, but we have to do with available numbers (and ways to compute them).
Plus regarding to those cost.. there are no real agreeable formula nor methods. Thus a figure of an aircraft may not be comparable... or even same aircraft owned by different country cant be really comparable either. I developed an excel spreadsheet that address those cost.. but yeah as i mentioned above. With lack of agreeable formula (mine is based on commercial, which the result seems work on commercial better even when adjusted with typical military use) It's very difficult.