F-14 vs MiG-23

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Check out our interview with former USN F-4 and F-14 pilot, Jon "Hooter" Schreiber. He chats about his time flying both jets including stories about breaking a Phantom on his last flight with VF-121 and intercepting a Vietnamese MiG-23 in the F-14!
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From the F-14 to doing cool things (Refrigerator) :D Nice one Robyoung Some perspective (carrier landing in the dark, single engine):
Skytypers (line abreast formation flying):
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I'm a Russia jet fan but why does this comparo always get made ? The Mig 23 was one heavy ugly dangerous machine. And there's lots of other aircraft to compare to

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The MiG-23 could accelerate like a demon and could pull 8.5Gs in its lightened form. Not great at BVR and miserably short legs but I think it's a tad underrated in a dogfight.