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[ATTACH=CONFIG]260959[/ATTACH] FEATURING: [ATTACH=CONFIG]260960[/ATTACH] EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: ‘JOLLY ROGERS’ ON WORK-UP Jamie Hunter joins VFA-103 ‘Jolly Rogers’ at NAS Fallon, Nevada, for the squadron’s Strike Fighter Advanced Readiness Program PILOT CRISIS It has all happened before — David Axe examines what history teaches us about the present USAF pilot shortage RAVENS IN THE DESERT The US Air Force’s EF-111A Ravens made a significant, yet unsung, contribution to Operation ‘Desert Storm’ in 1991. Warren E. Thompson provides an incredible insight into the first nights over Iraq [ATTACH=CONFIG]260961[/ATTACH] ‘DARK FALCON’ Nicolas Deboeck details how the Belgian Air Force F-16 solo display team is ready for the 2018 airshow season CONQUERING THE DRAGON In the first of a series of features, former U-2 pilot Lt Col (ret’d) Rick Bishop recounts how he joined this elite group of USAF aviators 30 YEARS OF TURKISH FALCONS The Turkish Air Force has flown the F-16 for more than 30 years. Having initiated a restructuring project, it is a community that has changed dramatically, as outlined by Onur Kurc and Tayfun Yasar AND MUCH MORE! Combat Aircraft July issue is AVAILABLE NOW for just £4.70 from the Key Online Shop. Alternatively, you can purchase your copy from WHSmith, any other leading newsagent or download your digital copy here.
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