Louis Newmark / Lear Siegler / Smiths: Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)...

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Hi there,

surely there are tech experts in this forum who encountered the AHRS I am
interested in - short story: Has any one got information/hints or literature on
the AHRS of the Hawk aircraft which must have been in use until the early

Any hints would be highly appreciated,



Longer version of the story: Some time ago I obtained a test set labeled Smiths Industries
(dated 1987 and last caled until 2001, RefNo 6C/6641376):


After a first posting in pprune it is clear now, that the test set was used on a
reference system (probably Hawk) that was initially developed by Lear Siegler and later made by
Louis Newmark who have even later been bought by Smiths. The test set probably was in use until
the early 2000s - I think it is from the Hawk since the AHRS panel from this looks very similar
to a section of the test set:



Looking at the cables that came with the test set I guess the set was plugged between the
LRUs and the cockpit instruments to test either of them. As vintage avionics of the 1970thies
is my hobby I'd be very happy to get hands on a complete system and thus part nos would be
very helpful (fantastic would of couse also be the air publication related to this system)!


Currently there are components of a simpler (perhaps earlier) system from the Buccaneer on
eBay - this seems to be a compass only system (i.e. no attitude reference): Display, Panel and a
HSI from the Hawk (?)
as well.

If interested in my other avionics activites, look at my YouTube movie regarding the
Tornado's INS and the Tornado-PEC-Page on research on an archaic, early digital

Thanks, Erik.

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Just in case, the links to the eBay-Auctions in my original posting are going defunc in the
future, here some data of the parts I guess being not from the AHRS6000 but from the
"compass only", earlier system used on the Buccaneer:

Gyro, Louis Newmark, NDN8739-01 with Gyro-Assy; System CN13-04; Part.No. NDN8715-01
Panel "Gyro Comp", Part.No. 1055, Ref.No. 6B/3098; Compass G.M. Mk6 (Under license from Lear Siegler)


These two instruments I guess may be the right instruments for/from the AHRS6000 as
used on the Hawk - but not sure (?):

Attitude Indicator; Part.No. 6714-03; Ref.No 6A/6370014, Louis Newmark under license from Lear Siegler
Horizontal Situation Indicator; WL/307RNA/MS/2, Smiths Industries



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I put a reference to this in "Historic" not because it is particularly old but there are a lot of knowledgeable people frequenting that forum.