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Dutch Stars

Dr Kevin Wright examines the Starfighter in Royal Netherlands Air Force service.

Bringing a Starfighter Back to Life

Jay Selman goes behind the scenes to hear the remarkable story of Europe’s only airworthy Starfighter that is based in Norway.

Starfighter Operators of the World
We pay a pictorial tribute to the F-104.

Empress of the Skies: CP Air’s DC-8 Game-changer
The DC-8 played a pivotal role with Canada’s second biggest airline for over two decades. Andrew H Cline details the type’s career with this carrier.

All the Eights
The Shackleton AEW.2-equipped 8 Sqn hosted a memorable event on Monday 8-8-88.

ATR: Propelling Forward
Dave Willis profiles ATR, the successful French-based company that builds turboprop airliners.

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C-5 Galaxy: Heavylifter Half-century
Nigel Price examines the C-5 Galaxy which flew for the first time 50 years ago.

Back to the Future: Canada’s Flight Test Centre

James Careless examines Canada’s National Research Council which operates fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft for world-class in-flight research and development.

British Eagle: Flying Against the Odds

Barry Lloyd examines the rise and fall of the airline British Eagle.



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