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1) This forum is the place for discussion based modern military aviation. All other posts/materials belong in the relevant aviation forum or if of a non-aviation nature in the General Discussion forum.

2) All users under the age of 13 must seek permission from their parent or guardian in order to gain membership of the Key Publishing Ltd Forums. There is no minimum age in order to join in, however if you are unable to converse in an adult manner the account will be deactivated.

3) The Webmaster and Key Publishing have the final say in all matters. This authority is delegated to the moderators and they are answerable only to the Webmaster for their actions in this capacity. Any complaint or disagreement with their judgements should be made to the Webmaster.

4) As well as text-based discussion, contributors are welcome to post their own or any other material that they have the legal right to post. Any copied material posted must be owned by the contributor or consent must be obtained and credit given. If any question arises regarding the ownership of the material it will be removed. All materials posted are at the risk of the contributor and owners of Key Publishing Ltd Aviation Forums will not be held responsible in any way. Any disputes are settled solely within the English legal system.

5) Posts containing swearwords or insults whether aimed at individuals or aimed indiscriminately at nations, ethnic groups, gender, religions and/or cultures will be edited or deleted. Persistent or serious offenders will be banned.

6) Advertising of products and services is unacceptable, if you wish to advertise please contact our advertising team on +44(0)1780755131 or email [email][/email]

7) No Flaming; there is a difference between voicing a legitimate concern or grievance and simply badmouthing or some other form of written abuse of someone or some service.

8) Signatures should be kept short and minimum of graphical content. A contributor may put a link to his/her personal website in their signature however posting advertising of commercial sites may result in them being removed.

9) Prior to posting new threads the search facility should be used to ensure that the subject has not been covered before. Repeated threads on the same topic will be removed in extreme cases. Threads over 6 months old should not be resurrected without specific reason.

10) Please post in comprehensible English, commonly used abbreviations are acceptable however refrain from using ‘mobile’ text as not everyone understands it.

11) Any posts involving personal violence or threats, in any shape and form will be deleted immediately. Any users who get involved in these discussions will risk being banned immediately.

12) You can use your forum identity on any computer. If any duplicate identities are found they will be removed.

13) Anybody taking on the identity of another user and posting as such will be deactivated without notice.

14) The administrators and moderators of Key Publishing Ltd Aviation Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and owners of Key Publishing Ltd Aviation Forums will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

The underlying principle forming the basis of this forum is to further all our knowledge bases of aviation through group input. Join us with a welcome attitude and an open mind and we look forward to your input. done

By posting on this Forum, you are acknowledging that you have read and have understood these rules and agree to abide by them.

Webmaster and the Moderator Team
Key Publishing

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