F-35 as air defence interceptor? F-35 as underrated all-rounder?

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I'd still be interested to learn what exactly limits the F-35 to about Mach 1.6 (it did 1.67 in testing IIRC). Personally I doubt it's the aerodynamics. It's not a Mach 2+ design but I'd fully expect it to match the F/A-18 or Rafale if that was the limiting factor. Maybe it's the stealth coatings?

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[USER="34398"]F/A-XX[/USER] - I doubt it is the coatings since the Raptor is cleared for going higher. I'd wager it is to maximize engine life and reduce the stresses on it. You really wouldn't want any chance of it failing on you given that it's the only one you got.

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@garryA. I cant repeat same things over and over.

Now that you realized that Flanker can't carry Brahmos and reach supersonic, you try to go back on your words. It not that easy. You made a dumb argument, you should own it

there is no evidence either way whether it can carry or not as tests just started. so premature speculation. Flanker is designed for 2500 to 3000L fuel tanks with big wing tip pods.. Flanker life is pretty long. don't be surprised in post 2020 period Flanker carrying hypersonic missiles to supersonic speeds.

Irrelevant, Zircon is a different missile and can't be carried by fighter. If i was to use your kind of "logic", i could also argue that Sparrow is already Mach 8-10.[/quote]
I put definition as Mach 3.5 to Mach 5 Brahmos is not hypersonic projects.you conflate the two things. hypersonic Brahmos is separate project not including improvements to current project.

nope, i didn't
I just couldn't be bothered when you started to speak your usual retarded nonsense like it is the biggest project or that Japan is bad at engineering [/quote]
so India with world largest net addition of population cannot create world largest missile project they are fully committed to Brahmos project with world largest procurement orders. and Japan is abandoning all projects left and right that need material science and heavy engineering knowledge. Even when Japan was land of rising sun it could only manage about 100 Mitsubishi F-2 spread over 20 years. Extremely slow production rate for single engine Non-TVC fighter without CFT tanks. There is no special super-duper missile designed for Mitsubishi F-2.