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What is the justification for erasing entire threads? I ve been on here long enough to remember when mods would give a warning before closing a thread. The deletion of hundreds of pages is absurd. People who post here deserve better.

Lock a thread for a time if the discussion crosses the line
warn or ban members who cross whatever lines are leading to thread deletions
delete the offensive posts

Most of all, make it clear what infractions are causation for thread deletion.
ANY of the above makes more sense than erasing entire topics seemly at random.

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The Moderator accounts has been Hacked on at least two ocation that i am aware of. And when it did, some threads got deleted.
Perhaps it has happened again.

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Thanks FBW for starting this thread and I agree completely that complete threads should not be deleted. I've been here nearly 15 years and I don't think this was ever done (besides loosing the entire ground forces sub group a few years ago). The forum should really look to add to its group of moderators if monitoring all the threads for both forum rule violations and overall quality of discussion (Off Topic Posts) is becoming too much of a burden. Personally, I come here a lot less often now because of the so many OT and repeat posts all over the place that one has to sift through before getting to the good discussions that are taking place. That can be solved by enforcing forum rules and by deleting OT or repetitive posts (certainly not by deleting entire threads)..

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we need mods who are active enough here, and have enough free time to fine comb through threads and delete specific posts, rather than deleting entire threads.

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It is a good point, but full time Mods cost a company money. This forum only has 32,000 members. In terms of ad revenue/cost on the internet that is a tiny amount and would never justify a full time employee.

Also one has to be aware of any legal issues, if there was something posted that could cause Key Pubs any legal issues, better to delete the thread then keep it.

Ultimately users should be responsible and be able to police themselves. In the Indian Air Force thread some posters were posting personal info of air crew. How is that responsible?

I do agree though that Mods should in that case ban certain members or just delete the posts, but this comes back to how much time they actually have to do that. Agree, shame so much info was lost.

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The threads haven't been deleted, just moved out of sight whilst they are cleaned up. This is due to multiple posts being reported / flagged.

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Time for mandatory (optional for the rest of us) 2-factor authentication for Mods?

I would not mind.

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The threads haven't been deleted, just moved out of sight whilst they are cleaned up. This is due to multiple posts being reported / flagged.

Can unverified complaints from an individual or a small group cause entire threads to be moved off line? Such a policy plays into the hands of troll(s) who want to easily sabotage the forum.