Should the Japanese join theTempest, FCAS, TFX or AMCA program... OR VICE VERSA?

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multi-role combat jets are getting more complicated and expensive to make..... and the 5th or 6th gen (whatever u wanna call it), its even harder to go at it alone.

since Japan hasn't built anything yet.. would it be best they give up on the F-3 and join the Tempest, or FCAS? or TFX? or MCAS or whatever India is calling it?


Should they actually join Japan and adopt the F-3 instead.. since Japan already has the engine technology and apparently the radar too, with a configuration that appears to be decided (although a bit boring)

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For me India joining the F-3 project as a junior partner would benefit both parties.

What can India offer Japan? A contribution to development costs, cheaper development engineering (where India has the know how to undertake development tasks), cheaper production and assembly and a larger production run, possibly making F-3 sufficiently price competitive to win export contracts.

What can Japan offer India? The technology (or ability to develop or acquire such) to actually build the F-3, decision making discipline, organised project management etc

On the political level both India and Japan are unsettled by China's rise to prominence.