Airbus A400M into Biggin Hill - Thursday 16th July 2020

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An Airbus A400m flew into Biggin last Thursday at around 8:30pm.  From my airband I heard it was either doing touch and go's (or missed approaches) and it made (I think ?) x2 circuits back towards the north (Dartford M25 crossing?) on its downwind leg and then back around to the south for an direct approach onto runway 21.  As I live fairly close, I dashed up to Biggin and got there just after it had finished its last approach and was flying back over the airfield at 1500ft back towards Dartford.  Does anybody know what it was all about?  Eitherway, it made for an un-expected and impressive sight as it flew around the local area.  Cheers, PBY

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