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Breaking News ...!! Crash Snowbirds CT-114 Tutor

On 17 May 2020, a Snowbirds Tutor crashed at Kamloops Airport, British Columbia. This is the second crash within a year (*). As can be seen on the video, both pilots were able to eject last minute from the CT-114. We have no further details at this moment.

UPDATE: serial is 114161

(*) SFN 13 October 2019, Canadian Snowbirds aircraft crashed at Atlanta air show

Video credit: Victor Mario Kaiser


Video of the crash included.


Interesting to note that two seats were apparently fired for what appeared to be only one single pilot flying the plane. It would be sad if any delay in firing the proper  seat would have endengered the sole pilot.



Here is a link to the Tuttor ejection seat model:

Both pilot and passenger ejected in minimal conditions (seat wise). Passenger died. Pilot wounded. 



But once again, how can Canada ask so much to their pilots flying geriatric airplane.